LUNCH - Noon till 2pm

SUPPER - 5pm till 9pm



Ace@Gus’ is literally, a business inside a business; started as a popup and due to popular demand was invited to come back and take over Gus' kitchen permanently. Ace Burger is based on the classic burger joints of the 40’s and 50’s; made popular with tasty, simple, handcrafted eats from local ingredients; farm to table cooking.

We feature a simple menu with a variety of tastes that make culinary sense. The bar sells the beer and we sell the food. We operate as a takeout so the burgers come solo or as combos, and you grab the condiments you want.

Gus’Pub is a venerable music venue with a cool slate of entertainment throughout the week that graciously offers their seating for our use so you can eat-in, but after 9pm and any other time shows are playing... there may be a cover charge if you want to stay. It’s all pretty simple, straight-forward, and fair. Ace@Gus’ is currently a cash and debit only business, and the bar is cash only with an ATM on site.

Although we have tried many times in the past, to address & accommodate varied dietary needs & wants, we are a burger joint after all, and have made some necessary and prudent business decisions along the way that include among other things, food waste & sustainable best practices. We don't make beer, or bullets, or car parts... we make burgers. If you don't get it, that's ok... there are many other choices on the planet.