Classic Burger $7

Oulton’s Beef, Lettuce, Frizzled Onions

Pickle & Dijonnaise


Deluxe Burger $9

The Classic with...

PEI Cheddar & Brother’s Back Bacon


jughead $6

4oz. plain beef patty, seasoned with s&p

original cheddar, bacon strips, caramelized onion

DOUBLE DOWN jughead $9


Spicy Fried Chicken $9

Peri Peri Marinated Farm Fresh Chicken

Tomatillo Salsa, Basil, Perinaise, Iceberg


Pig Mac $8

Thousand Hills Heritage Ground Pork

PEI Cheddar, Chopped Onion, “Pig Mac Sauce”

Shredded Iceberg, Pickle, Sesame Bun


Po’Boy (Market)

Catch of The Day, Fancy Tartar

Beet-Pickled Onions, Fried Capers, Lettuce


Lamb Shawarma $10

Oulton’s Ground Lamb, Hummus

Pickled Turnip & Parsley, Lettuce

Garlic Sauce


Rib Burger $10

Thick Cut Oulton’s Pork Ribs, BBQ Sauce

House Slaw, Frizzled Onion


O.G.Veggie $8

Roast Mushrooms, Shredded Veg, Lentils, Rice

Miso, Tahini, Mint Chèvre Yogurt, Pickled Beets

Local Sprouts


Veggie $8

Seasonal Market Vegetable Pakora

Grilled Paneer Cheese, Tamarind Date Chutney

Sprouts & Cilantro (vegan option; no cheese)


Gluten Free Bun Option add $2




Add Pop & Fries $5.75 

Add Pop & Poutine $8.75

Add Pop & Salad $7.75




Poutine $6

Hand-cut Fries $3.50 

Pepperoni Corn Dog $3.50 (2 for $6) 

Market Salad $5

House Slaw $1.50

Pop Shop Soda / Water $3.25



Inside Gus’ Pub